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Monday, April 1, 2013

Friend Makin’ Mondays: Childhood Flashbacks + Weigh In

So I've been a little absent on here lately... and a lot of that has to do with the fact that I "unofficially" took time off from my diet. I was beginning to feel like it was taking over my life and I wanted to just enjoy things again. I ate junk food. I ate burgers, fries and greasy Chinese food. I even had cheesecake and Pear Ale. I didn't gorge everything in sight but there wasn't really anything off limits. I knew I'd gain some weight but I was OK with that because I needed to find a happy medium. I got on the scale for the first time in weeks this weekend... 206.8 Somehow I lost 0.8 pounds. I was shocked. I haven't worked out at all, I quit counting calories and I've been enjoying food. However, I'm starting to see now that while I'm enjoying food, my portion sizes have gone down. I also wasn't having late night munchies because I was fuller. Granted I could have lost a lot more weight had I been working out at the same time, but I'm done stressing over this. For now I'm content to simply maintain this weight for a while.

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Childhood Flashbacks
1. Did you have a set bedtime as a child?  If so, what was it? I did when I was in elementary and middle school, I think it was around 8:30. I remember getting caught more than once with a flashlight under my covers because I wanted to stay up reading. Eventually my parents installed a reading light next to my bed and told me I could read in bed as long as I didn't stay up all night.
2. Were you taught to be a member of the “Clean Plate Club?” Did it have affect your eating habits as an adult?  I was but it was usually geared more towards my veggies. I wasn't big on vegetables as a kid unless they were raw. In fact I didn't start enjoying them until I began my weight loss journey.
3. Share one thing that you were not allowed to do as a child. We were not allowed to watch anything revolving around witches or magic/sorcery.
4. What is the cheapest gas price you can remember?  I vaguely remember them being about $2.30 when I started driving.
5. What was your favorite thing on the playground?  The swings (even the fat kids could enjoy them)
6. Share one thing that your parents always made you do that you didn’t like doing.  Cleaning my room! I HATED cleaning.
7. Do you remember your first kiss?  If so, share the details!  Haha... I was 18 and had already graduated high school. His name was Drew and I believe my first kiss involved tongue.
8. Did you prefer to play inside or outside? Inside, I was a bookworm growing up
9. What was your favorite TV show growing up?  Saved by the Bell and Boy Meets World
10. Share one awesome childhood memory.  Staying up all night Christmas Eve talking about boys with my sister. I don't know why it's one of my favorite memories, I guess because we weren't very close as kids (she's 7 years older)
Bonus: Share a picture of yourself as a child.  
I know, I'm adorable...

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions!  Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments!  Happy Monday, my friends!


  1. Are you excited for Girl Meets World?

    1. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm afraid it's going to be a complete bust and ruin my Boy Meets World memories. I might wait until the first season has been on for a while to see how it's doing before I watch it.

  2. I had my first kiss at about 12, and it was pretty awful . My next kiss I think I was about 15, and then it was with some other girl's bf. O.o What was I thinking?

    1. Oh the dumb things we do growing up. At least we learned...

  3. I looooove Boy Meets World. It got a little weird near the end, but the first few seasons were gold. I have the first season on DVD. Now I wanna go home and watch it.

    I'm playing hooky from FMM, but I am doing a fun poll on my site if you wanna join in!

    1. Haha, your post made me giggle. I've gone commando a few times (usually b/c it was laundry day although occasionally it was just to see what the big deal was)but working out commando? Where you're moving around a lot, and sweating? No thanks...

  4. So excited for Girl Meets World!!

    I can totally relate on your "diet break" right now. My only goal is to take some tips from my 2-year-old and be more active and eat smaller portions. I can't believe how well it's going! I feel like I should see the scale stay the same or go up and it's going down!