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Monday, April 22, 2013

Big News + Weigh In + FMM: Inside My Head

Wow... so much has happened this week. I have big news... Hubby and I have decided to get our foster to adopt license! Basically that means we'll be taking in a foster child (or two) and taking care of them until either their parents can take care of them, a relative adopts them or *fingers crossed* WE get to adopt them. YAY and YIKES! I'm so excited and super nervous but I can't wait! Turning in our application to the agency we picked today. We've settled on a child 0-2 years old or two siblings 0-4 years old.

So got on the scale... 206.6 so 1.4 gained. It's to be expected that my weight will fluctuate a couple pounds back and forth as long as I'm in "maintain" mode.

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 Inside My Head
I like… reading
I don’t like… waiting
I love… my husband (especially because he so lovingly puts up with my mood swings)
I dream of…being a mom
I wonder… if I'm going to drive my friends crazy with all my baby talk
I know…they will still love me either way (even though some might start ignoring me)
I went… to my friend's game night on Saturday
I think… I'm going to have a one track mind for a while (and all baby/toddler related)
I plan… to get A LOT of school work done tonight
I regret… putting my homework/projects off until the last minute
I do… my best thinking in the car
I drink… on rare occasions
I wish… the next couple months would speed by
I am… super excited about starting our foster to adopt journey
I am not… looking forward to placements leaving our home
I hope… I can make a difference in these kids' lives
I want… a child to love
I sometimes… daydream about my future kids (both foster and adopted)
I always… regret the things I say when I'm mad
I can… provide these kids with a safe and loving home
I cannot… wait to get our first foster placement
I avoid… confrontations
I will… do my best to focus on work when I'm on the clock

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  1. Yay Yay Yay!! So exciting for you!! My husband and I went to a foster class not too long and have been considering becoming foster parents as well. You will DEFINITELY make a difference in those kids lives.

    1. It's no easy task knowingly taking kids into your house that will most likely leave you, but I think the rewards out weigh the pain. How long have you guess been considering it?

  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! How wonderful!! :-D

  3. Congratulations on getting your foster licence. What a great decision!